Mortgage Funding Direct Ventures
Leading you to your new front door.

Mortgage Funding Direct Ventures is an experienced entity that partners with production home builders to create a quality mortgage provider, serving the builder and the client equally. As the managing member of production home builder joint ventures, Mortgage Funding Direct Ventures brings mortgage financing to an unparallelled level that is difficult to attain as a wholly owned subsidiary. Joint ventures bring talent and resources together.

Mortgage Funding Direct Ventures entities offer clients the full array of financing alternatives tailored to their individual needs. Under one umbrella we represent the best mortgage wholesalers, ensuring the best product, service and pricing.

The company conducts business under the leadership and direction of founder, President and CEO Tawn Kelley.

With more than 18 years as a mortgage lender in Central Florida, specializing in new construction, Tawn is known as an expert in her field. She has had major influence on the way production home builders use finance to sell homes.

The company has developed a unique opportunity for production builders to align with a mortgage entity that understands the service needs of their specific business, as well as the vital customer service necessary for their home purchasers throughout the building process. Through strong management control of processing, communication, product choices and pricing, Mortgage Funding Direct Ventures entities achieve results. Combined with state-of-the-art technology and personalized customer service, we exceed expectations of both the builder and the client.

In the last six years alone, Mortgage Funding Direct Ventures entities have secured more than $2.4 billion in home financing, enabling more than 10,000 satisfied customers to realize their dreams of home ownership.