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Building Strength
Building Strength
through Partnership

About us

Mortgage Funding Direct Ventures serves homebuilder partners through joint venture relationships. We leverage our strength, expertise and exceptional service to provide unparalleled mortgage solutions to select premier homebuilders looking to enhance their customer experience and optimize their core homebuilding business. Our partnerships focus on customer centricity, while creating brand equity, loyalty, and vertical integration efficiencies.

We believe finance sells homes. As important as the model home, floor plan and community, for many customers, mortgage financing is the critical factor when choosing to purchase their new home. Aligned with professionals who know every step of the new home construction journey, our builder affiliated in-house finance solutions position the customer and builder with assurance from pre-qualification through construction by providing essential collaboration to ensure the home and financing will both be ready on time. With expertise of over 100 years of production new home builder business, and the foundation of Taylor Morrison; our Financial Services business has earned the trust and reputation as an industry leader with other homebuilders through joint ventures that span over 14 years of relationship and results. Mortgage Funding Direct is uniquely qualified to be your partner.

Our Motivation

Better Together

We take strategic alliance to the next level through sound, compliant and customer centric joint ventures. We are just as much a mortgage provider to our customer as we are a service provider to our builder partners – and we take that responsibility to heart.

Our Experience

With over 20 years of successful, long term partnerships, we know what it takes to thrive. We specialize in working with high-volume builders, aligning the home buying and finance journey.

We are Proven

Our joint venture relationships are successful year after year because of the quality and value we bring to every stakeholder. We earned our reputation and customer loyalty through optimizing alignment and risk management.

Leading the Way

A Perfect Partnership

We believe good financing is a powerful sales tool – which is why we provide the best mortgage products and services for homebuilders and homebuyers – we understand the importance of service and competitive pricing and programs.

Transformative Innovation

We embrace leading technology to take the friction out of the mortgage process. Our investment in the digitization of the lending process is uniquely designed to complement the home financing and home building journey.


Our partners benefit from the collective power our platform provides. Leveraging quality and volume, each venture is fully equipped with our industry leading best practices – regardless of size.

Benefits of Choosing MFDV

Tailored to you

Our dedication to new home purchase business, as opposed to refinance and resale mortgage lending, provides our customers the priority they deserve.


We set up each joint venture to serve the homebuilder and homebuyer with our compliance tested and proven platform. Our experience and expertise set us apart.

National Platform

Utilizing East & West Fulfillment Centers, capital market expertise and curated mortgage products, we serve the varied price points and customer needs found across all markets.

Leadership Team

Tawn Kelley

Tawn Kelley, President

In addition to serving as President of Mortgage Funding Direct Ventures, Tawn Kelley contributes to the executive leadership of national homebuilder Taylor Morrison – leading Taylor Morrison Home Funding, Inspired Title Services and Taylor Morrison Insurance. Passionate about delivering a quality mortgage experience aligned with the homebuilding journey, Tawn believes that an individual or family purchasing a new home deserves a lender that truly understands the new home construction industry. Throughout her impressive career, she has been dedicated to aligning builder and buyer expectations while delivering an exemplary customer experience throughout the process.

Brandon Silkey

Brandon Silkey, Chief Financial Officer

Brandon has been a member of the Mortgage Funding Direct Ventures executive team for over 14 years. He oversees the financial, accounting, forecasting and treasury activities. Our homebuilder partners trust the transparency, accuracy and financial sophistication of the monthly financial reports and overviews of operations and profitability Brandon is responsible for.

Kevin Pearson

Kevin Pearson, Senior Vice President

An industry leader with 35 years of experience in financial services, Kevin understands the priorities of strategic alliances and has successfully procured, structured and managed in-house mortgage, title, escrow and insurance joint ventures. Relationship-driven focus has earned Kevin a strong and loyal following of mortgage professionals throughout the country.